For our multi-shop organizations, we have assembled a team of experts versed in providing our MSO customers knowledge to reduce cost, improve process, and increase profits. We have a customizable Single Source Playbook that is tailored to shops specific needs. From certification tracking to profit analysis, SSI provides a valuable resource for the success of any shop.

Distribution Capabilities

With location in 20 states and mobile stores throughout the US, we service over 1 millions square miles of distribution. We offer unified support, guaranteeing the same excellent service in all collision centers branches. By partnering with over 100 vendor partnerships, we deliver the best products at competitive pricing to keep a collision center running smoothly.

Inventory Control

Inventory control is pivotal to the success of a collision center. Our team comes with years of working and managing body shops. Our team's expertise can bring proficiency in organizing your collision centers and inventory. Utilizing our Logic ICS software, shops can monitor their center's inventory, anywhere and anytime with comprehensive dashboards and reports. Paired with our Point of Use carts, our team has shown many collision centers how to minimize money leaks inside their own shops.

Business Enrichment

A true partnership with our collision center is supporting them to grow and be successful. Our Business Enrichment is the extra service we offer our collision centers to keep their production running smoothly and efficiently. We'll monitor Technician training, manage ways to cut costs, and preform custom shop reviews to keep your collision center running at optimal potential.